Natural Water Catchment Shelter

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The Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) is a 40 acre plot of farmland that serves as a hands-on, living classroom for students to learn about regenerative farming and the horticultural, nursery and landscape industries. There is a student group working on the edible forest garden this Summer. They could use some water for irrigation and some shade! We have design and planning help from Sigi Koko and potential funding from The Sustainability Innovation and Engagement Fund (SIEF).

Functional Purpose

o Mobile Irrigation
o Seating and Shade for 4 people.


o Natural and Recycled Materials
o ~100 gallons of self-contained unfiltered rainwater storage
o Structurally support 1500lbs (~830lbs for 100 gallons and 680lbs for 4 people)
o Mobile (to avoid permits; no water or human load when being moved)
o Stable on small angle hill
o Pressurized water for irrigation
o ~60-100 square feet (enough for water storage and seating; ~5-8 gallons/day in Amherst)
o Not winterized; no need for heating
o Not electrically powered
o $ No more than a few thousand dollars

3 Sub-Systems

o Water Catchment
o Shelter
o Mobility

Palette of Material

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