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  • 5th Fabos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning
    • Where: Budapest, Hungary
    • When: June 30th – July 3rd
    • What: The Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning is held every three years to bring together experts who are influencing landscape planning, policy making and greenway planning from the local to international level. It is intended to highlight recent trends and expand the literature about landscape and greenway planning. The aim is to explore how landscape architects and planners from different countries have approached greenway planning and to understand how greenways have been tailored to each county’s unique geographical, cultural, and political circumstances. The conference provides an opportunity to publish full papers in printed proceedings.
    • Paper Abstract: BioSTEAD_Position_Paper_Abstract_04
      • This was accepted and got us into the conference!
    • Full Paper: biostead_fabos_05
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