• Manages the budget and accounts
    • Purchasing card
  • Researches and applies to grants and awards, in collaboration with the Handbook Committee
  • Launching and managing the crowd-funding campaign(s)
    • kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo, startjoin
  • Collaborate with Legal, Design and Permaculture Committees regarding consultancy cost
  • Collaborating with the Legal Committee on cost of permits
  • Collaborating with the Design Committee on material cost as well as cost of procurement regarding transportation, service fees, etc.


  • Experience in accounting, maintaining a budget, income streams and purchasing for a large project and/or seeks to gain this experience
  • Strong grant writing skills and/or a drive to cultivate this skill
  • Experienced in researching for grants and/or a motivation to gain this experience
  • Computer skills and experience working with crowd-funding platforms and/or willing to learn
  • Able to work well in teams. Good interpersonal skills for collaborating with the other committees and/or a willpower to nurture this skill
  • Being of any age, income, and culture


Jose LaSalle

Jose_alc_closeup  Accounting, Grants

I am a UMass Amherst student studying electrical engineering, expecting to graduate in May 2016. I am fascinated by the nature of electricity and have taken recent interest into ecological building. The BioSTEAD Initiative offers me the opportunity to exercise my passions in renewable energy systems and green building. Come by for a cup of tea if you’d like the full story.

Ezra Marcus

ezra  Grants

Ezra is in his second year at UMass studying Sustainable Food and Farming and Sustainable Community Development. He is interested in urban food production and sustainable design. Having recently received his Permaculture Design Certificate through UMass Ezra works to incorporate permaculture principles with design and create systems that recycle waste to need for positive growth, bounty and food security for all.

Rachael Furlong

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[insert bio]

Brandon Curtin

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Kevin Harrington

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