• Permaculture food system designs: provide service and/or consult with specialists
    • Greenhouse architecture
    • Surrounding food forest implementations
    • Surrounding eco-village
  • Cultivation of medicinal foods
  • Cultivation of natural building materials
  • Collaborating with the Design Committee on ecological design and architecture
  • Identify resource providers


  • Certified and/or experienced in permaculture design and/or motivated to learn the art
  • Able to work well in teams. Good interpersonal skills for collaborating with consultants and other committees and/or a willpower to nurture this skill
  • Being of any age, income, and culture


Ezra Marcus

ezra  Certified in Permaculture

Ezra is in his second year at UMass studying Sustainable Food and Farming and Sustainable Community Development. He is interested in urban food production and sustainable design. Having recently received his Permaculture Design Certificate through UMass Ezra works to incorporate permaculture principles with design and create systems that recycle waste to need for positive growth, bounty and food security for all.

Jill Tomlinson

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Michelle Nikfarjam

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Gilson Hogan

gilson_hogan  Landscaper, Gardener

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Brandon Curtin

brandon_curtin   Certified in Permaculture

I am from Berkshire county A.K.A The Shire.

I am a sustainable food and Farming Major, I love the kingdom Fungi.
My hobbies consist of foraging (for plants and fungi), Hiking, along with making wines, and ciders. I dabble with fermentation on the regular. I don’t know where I am heading but I know one day I will be rich fertile organic matter forming the structure for roots to grasp onto within this lush beautiful ecosystem, so hopefully in between
I can make a difference.

Chris Lundgren

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